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Weekly Report January 2020 2nd Week Weekly Report January 2020 2nd Week

Last year turned out to be our best performing year ever, posting significantly higher total client returns than any previous year.

We can also conclude that every month last year meant new Secure Trade 24/7 clients being recommended to join us. We, therefore, want to thank you and all our other clients for your trust and support.

So far, 2020 started in similar ways with high returns and more client requests, so we are busy working to make this year equally good or even better.

We have been able to agree with Frux so that we can continue to offer cost-free basic account administration for all our Secure Trade 24/7 clients all through 2020.

In the area of account administration, such as proceeds recording, investment registration, and withdrawal handling, we feel that we can become better and further increase our effectiveness.

For that purpose, we are in the process of making specific administrative, procedural changes, some of which we will outline in our next weekly report.

With that, we wish you a further great year in 2020.


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