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Weekly Report December 2019 1st Week Weekly Report December 2019 1st Week

Weekly Report

Out with 2019 and in with 2020

As these are busy times coming up to the holiday season and the end of the year, the last two planned weekly reports of the year will go out midweek instead of towards the end of the week.

As we summarize our year 2019, we will like to update you on the different steps we took during the year to make our business stronger and better. Here are a few examples;

1. “Admin Cloud“. In with the times, and in an effort to increase effectivity and security, we have now closed our physical administration offices and all administration and back-office work is done remotely through our secure access setup;

2. “Financial Licenses“. Mid-year a sister company was brought into the mold. That company was formed within Europe and owns what we call “a small European financial license”.

Using this license we can more easily handle client transactions in the area of cryptocurrency activities and Crypto to Fiat back and forth transactions (Fiat being normal money such as €, $, etc).

We can also with this license operate E-Wallets etc, nowadays a growing asset handling business concept;

3. “Client Security” As part of our commitment to our clients, the back offices have further developed our client information security system to make sure our client’s information is safe and secure.

In that regard we have also broadened our banking relationship base and gone “fully manual”, meaning that no banking transaction can be made without our back-office personnel executing the transaction manually.

We are aware the system changes we implemented during this year complicates things for our clients, at times limiting or delaying their access to being able to execute transactions and sending in our receiving funds from their accounts with us, but we ask for understanding in the regard.

Our plans for 2020 include further work within the same areas and focus more geographically;


As the interest in our products and services are growing amongst our Austral/Asia based friends and family, we plan to offer more products and services targeted to that region.

For that purpose, we plan to acquire also an Asia based Financial License, in order to simplify the execution of transactions in that area.

That will also make it easier for a new company within the group about to be launched soon (PlasticCollectors – more about that launch next week) started for the purpose of helping the less fortunate people in those poorer countries to collect waste plastics from rivers, seas, and other plastic polluted area – and being paid to do so.


We are only looking at organic business growth in Europe, so we do not plan any major changes in European operations.

South America

We have received a number of requests from some of our South American friends and family to expand our services in that area so we are looking at increasing our presence in that area as well – initially then by possibly acquiring an existing local financial license holder in Brazil with a basic operation in the area of small payment executions.



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