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Private Bank Bond Investment Private Bank Bond Investment

Private Bank Bond Investment is an investment tool which is designed to yield returns over the long term. The period of maturity varies between 1 and 10 years. It helps average Joes and Janes on the street to turn themselves into private banking clients, which can otherwise be availed by just the richest sections of the society.

What Are the Benefits of Private Bank Bond Investment?

This type of investment provides you with:

  • Higher yield – You can get higher yield as compared to bank deposits with short-term maturity periods.
  • More flexibility – You can enjoy more flexibility in selling it before maturity period in the secondary financial markets.
  • Greater options – You can find a wide range of bonds in the market, and coming with various types of currency denominations which include RMB, EUR, GBP, CAD, NZD, AUD, USD, HKD and more.

Which Investments Have Guaranteed Return?

  • Money market funds – These are often promoted in Britain as safe funds, and offer cash liquidity. Your initial money is protected by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You also have your total money spread across various banks, and you can get the chance to safeguard much of it as a result. These are one of the best low risk investments for your retirement.
  • Guaranteed bonds – These were designed to help prevent risks. Such kinds of bonds are offered for a specific period of time, which ranges between 1 and 5 years. Unless the bank goes bust, you can be assured that your original investment will be safe.
  • Investment bonds – In these policies, you are expected to invest a big amount in different funds. Some of these are operable for a specific term while others do not have any particular investment term. Once you cash in the bonds, the amount you can get back depends on the success or failure of your investment. These are cheap low risk investments with high returns or profits.

Best Investments with High Returns 2016

When you are thinking how to yield 3% month profit or more, it is important to consider investments which are safe and come with the promise of higher yields or profits. There are different types of bank bond investment funds which offer a generous profit. You can avoid market ups and downs by selecting a bond which lets you make investments in different types of investment funds and easily switch the funds. Those which come under the FSCS can keep your money safe even when the bank, insurance company or financial company you have obtained it from goes bust.
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