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Overview on Few of the Best Investments for 2018 Overview on Few of the Best Investments for 2018

With the consistent increase in the living costs, it has become very much essential to look for the best possible ways to make investments to earn more in the near future and at the same time, to make sure that your investment is safe. Hence, with the help of this blog post, our experienced investors have highlighted a few of the best investment for 2018 to get the highest possible returns in the coming years/months.

Private Bank Bonds

Other than making investments in the private banks, you may even opt for the safest and the best investments for 2018 in the form of private bank bonds. Bonds act as income investments, as an issuer of a bond (your chosen private bank in this case) agrees to make payment of a specific interest rate at the regular intervals for use of the money you invest for a specific set period. In fact, bonds from private banks give many benefits, which include the following-

  • Bonds act as reliable sources of various current incomes depending primarily on their actual structures.
  • Bonds give a specific liquidity element because of possessing an active and a big market.
  • If you choose to sell any bond before its maturity, you will expect to receive less or more than the principal investment. This is because; values possessed by bonds often fluctuate.

Personalized/Private Banking

Personalized/private banking provides unique benefits to the clients based on their substantial assets and is useful to entice various clients towards commercial banks.

Particularly, reputed personalized banking solutions provide highest possible returns on the made investments.

Reason for this is that such banks have well-trained staffs and adequate amount of available resources to manage the accounts of HNWI i.e. high net worth individuals. Thus, a majority of these accounts get huge returns on the investments, which consistently outperform in the competitive market.

High-Interest Savings Accounts

Investors looking for safe investments with high returns should definitely consider investing in various high-interest saving accounts. These accounts help individuals earn a nominal interest value for keeping the money as deposits. Along with opening an account and making deposits, this strategy involves very less effort on the part of an investor.

Furthermore, high yield type of savings accounts provides competitive rates of interest without any fee. Only you have to collect a few basic details before choosing a specific bank to create your high-interest saving account. These include easy deposits and easy access, quality of customer service and account management online.

Treasury Inflation Protection Securities/Stocks

Individuals looking for various risk-free investment for 2018 should definitely go with TIPS i.e. Treasury Inflation Protection Securities/Stocks. These security bonds are available with growth in two different ways. In the first one, there is a fixed rate of interest, which never changes for the complete length of the entire bond. In the second one, government guarantees the in-built protection from the inflation rate. This means value of an investment made by an individual will change according to the inflation rate.

Rewards from Cash Back Credit Cards

The selection of a cash back type of credit card will allow individuals to earn points, which later on, convert into the real money. Moreover, the best thing, in this case, is that rewards earned via a few top cards are lucrative ones, as they give a plenty of benefits in the form of cheap investments high returns associated with online savings accounts and Certificate of Deposits.

Investments in Private Banks

Today, you will find many private banks providing a huge value of investments for the upcoming quarter of 2018. Here, your wealth will bring a pool of opportunities. In fact, reputed private banks provide individuals with a wide range of portfolio management solutions and investment methods relevant to their business, lifestyle and the exact amount of investment.

Money Market Funds

Money market funds refer to mutual funds created primarily for people, who do not want to lose a single percentage of the actual principal amount associated with their investments. In addition, money market funds intent to pay some amount of interests to give a good worth to your investments. The main objective behind the fund provided to investors is to maintain a NAV i.e. Net Asset Value equal to 1 dollar for a share.

Dividend Paying Mutual Funds and Stocks

One of the best and the easiest ways to get a huge return from the mutual funds and stocks investments is to target those, which gives you an excellent payout for the available dividends. For instance, if one dividend gives you no interest, while another one is paying 3 percent yearly, you should definitely go with the latter one.

Therefore, by making investments in the right place, you will get the highest possible returns.

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