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Best Value  Investment Blogs You Should Be Reading Best Value Investment Blogs You Should Be Reading

The market trends keep fluctuating, new companies come up, government policies change and so will the investment sector. If you have invested your money or wish to invest money, then you need to have a proper hold on the current market trends and watch over the volatile movements. It can be tiring and almost difficult for a single person to know everything there is to know about investments. That’s why you need to follow some best value investment blogs that guide in the right way.

While there is no dearth of investment blogs in the UK, only some such blogs can give you the information you require. So we have compiled the top 10 investment blogs UK to research and investment advice.

The Best Investment Blogs in the UK for 2019

1. Zero Hedge

Zero-Hedge-blogZero Hedge is not only a popular investment website in the UK but is also being avidly read and followed by people from all over the world. Zero Hedge provides information about financial situations from all over world. It only brings direct market trends, it also has news that financially affects the investment patterns. Apart from the financial news, they also publish political news and analysis of the effect of the market trends due to certain happenings around the world.

2. Financial Samurai


If you are looking for suggestions on the ways to invest, then Financial Samurai is the best investment advice website for you. It is especially a great self-help website that gives insights into investing for beginners. They have suggestions on the top financial products, advice on the essential ways to manage wealth, provide insights into the UK real estate market and various other helpful tips for the best way to invest money the UK.

3. Value Walk


Value Walk is one of the most-read websites in the UK by the likes of senior financial executives, hedge fund managers, asset managers and the people in top management from Fortune 500 companies. It runs on the core belief that if one adopts proper investment methods, then they can outperform the investment market and get good gains.

It provides information on the current status of the financial market with analysis from experienced financial experts and investors. It is considered as an authoritative financial news website for investments and asset management. There have been times when the blogs on Value Walk have even moved the direction of the financial market. Therefore, if you want to stay ahead of the happenings in the world of finance and investments, then this blog should be on your list.

4. The White Coat Investor

The-White-Coat-investor blog


The White Coat Investor is yet another useful investment advice blog that helps people with varying experiences. Most of the investment articles on The White Coat Investor provides insights into the varied ways of investing, methods to expand one’s portfolio and other practical insights that can be used by everyone. They have sectioned the blog with different articles grouped for the use of beginners, intermediates, advanced and experts. Based on your expertise with investments, you can choose a section and start reading the articles one by one to develop good knowledge of the financial market.

5. Investor Junkie


Investor Junkie is an easy-to-read investment blog that covers various types of investment methods and several how-to articles which can be practically implemented with your investment. It has the basic articles about investing for beginners, then specific educational articles on investing in the stock market, mutual funds and real estate. It also has reviews about the various choices of investments and ratings provided by the readers of the Investor Junkie. This is a unique feature that lets you know the public opinion which gives you excellent leverage on your investment moves.

6. Contrarian Edge


While Contrarian Edge by Vitaliy Katsenelson contains articles on investments, life, and music, it is most popularly known for its financial blogs. It is being rated as one of the top investment blogs in Forbes, CNBC, and several other global publications. In this blog, Vitaliy provides investment advice, financial news and market analysis in a simple and easily understandable format. He also discusses the growth of certain stocks and companies and whether or not to invest in them.

7.  A Wealth of Common Sense


A Wealth of Common Sense is another popular investment blog in the UK. The articles on this website are written by Ben Carlson who is the Director of Institutional Asset Management at a prominent financial company.

With this experience of managing institutional portfolios throughout his career, he provides practical insights and advice about investing and wealth management. He has also written investment advice blogs called ‘A Wealth of Common Sense’ and ‘Organizational Alpha’. He is known for his simplistic ways of explaining even the most complex concepts and helps readers to gain a practical perception of the market scenario.

8.JL Collins


JL Collins is an individual investment blog that is a big hit among the readers because of its to-the-face, no-fuss investment ideas, and opinions on the financial conditions. He writes on several topics such as stocks, manifesto, wealth management, real estate and so on. Some of the articles are based on his real-life estate and pieces of advice readers to derive lessons from it. The articles on the JL Collins blog are segregated into several series from which you can pick the one you need and start reading it.

9. Pragmatic Capitalism


Pragmatic Capitalism is the investment blog is founded and run by Cullen Roche in the year 2008. He is also the founder of the Orcam Financial Group, which offers financial advisory services. He started the blog in the year of financial crisis as there were a lot of misleading articles about finances and investment. He provides answers to the practical doubts in the financial market and helps people to make wise investment decisions.

This blog also has a separate forum where the investors, economists, financial managers, and common people can discuss the market trends. It is ranked as one of the best finance blogs by CNBC and several other global publications.

10.Wealth Pilgrim


Wealth Pilgrim is a prominent blog that provides advice for best investments UK. It is the blog of an experienced financial planner, Neal Frankle, who has been in this industry for over 25 years. He provides insights into the ways of making more money with investments, advice on the best choices for insurance and guides people to make the best retirement plans. One can also subscribe to his newsletter and get regular updates about new articles.

11. Meb Faber Research


Meb Faber Research is one of those few investment blogs that provides in-depth insights into the proper analysis of the market. This investment blog is of Meb Faber’s who is also co-founder and the chief investment officer of Cambria Investment Management. He has also written multiple books on investment advice and guides.

This blog is more of a vlog wherein each article is actually a video where he answers the investment queries and some of the videos have a few occasional guests who are financial experts. For those who prefer to read it, the article is also attached to a transcript.

12. Dash of Insight


Dash of Insight is a blog that is dedicated to the analysis of the trading and stock market analysis. A majority of the articles present are the takes on the current stock market trends and advice for people in better ways to invest money. This blog is referred by the financial experts and economics to keep them aware of the current changes in the market.

For those who are just beginners in investment, this blog has a separate section of self-help articles that details the best way to start investing money.

13. Good Financial Cents


Good Financial Cents is a simple blog that provides basic information on the types of investment options. They have separate sections on paying off debt, earning money, insurance ideas, investment, and retirement plans. Each of the articles is easy to digest by even those who are just entering the financial market.

Apart from the articles, this website also contains podcasts and various other resources. It is a one-stop platform for beginners who seek investment advice.

14. Gen Y Planning


Gen Y Planning is a dedicated blog for young people who are in their 20s, 30s and 40s. They guide such individuals to make the most of the money they have with various investment options. This website is featured on several publications like Business Insider, MarketWatch, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and many more.

The simple blogs on Gen Y Planning advise young people to start their investment portfolio as soon as possible and guide them through the process.

15. Secure Trade


Secure Trade has one of the insightful investment guide blogs that advise on the best way to invest money in UK. Though Secure Trade is a financial service provider for private bonds, their blog contains financial news and research across a variety of investment options like mutual funds, stocks, cryptocurrencies and so on. The blog of Secure Trade has an investment guide for beginners who are looking to start their investment.

When you are deciding on your financial planning the next time or planning to start investments, make sure to keep a few of the above-given blogs as references. Keep yourself informed about the current happenings of the financial world with these blogs and make intelligent investment decisions.

If you are looking to invest in private bonds with high returns, then contact us to get personalized investment options from our investment experts at Secure Trade.


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