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How to Become A Do-It-Yourself Investor How to Become A Do-It-Yourself Investor

There’s no question about how important it is to invest. Investing is the most crucial step to financial growth and can definitely secure your future. But many novice investors do not know how to invest and in fear of losses, don’t begin at all. While there are are many investment advisors to help you with investing, you might want to save their fees and do it yourself. It is always advisable to meet an investment advisor, but that can take up quite a lot of money. Moreover, many people like to have control of how to manage their money. So if you are one of them and do not want to pay a considerable charge to the adviser, here are some few tips on how to invest your hard earned money yourself.


1. Start Early

It is better to start investing as early as you can. One of the distinct advantages of doing so is that you will have a more extended period to gain profit. Another benefit of doing so is that when you start early, you don’t have much to invest. You might have a portfolio of four or low five figures. So while you are learning to invest, a loss might just be an insignificant loss considering your portfolio. As the years go by, you know the exact working as you might have a lot to invest as well. So if you are asking yourself which is the right time to start investing, the answer is ‘right now.’


2. Learn the Basics

You need not to know the intricacies of tax laws and investing. But you need to equip yourself with at least the basic terminologies of investing. Learn as much as you can to get a clear understanding of the best investments to make money. Read the prospectus of mutual funds to learn more about it. You also need to have a vague idea about market history.


Investing in risk-free strategies might not allow you to reach your goal like a risky investment strategy will. Risky strategies come with risks like shallow-risk and deep risk. These risks are inevitable and are not a reason to not invest in them. They offer higher profit in lesser time. So starting to invest without knowing these basics will only lead to sleepless nights during inflation.


3. Set and Analyse Goals

Say you are investing to secure your future post-retirement. You need to have a rough idea of how much you will need at the time you retire. You have to then calculate how much you need to save per year to meet that figure while keeping in mind the inflation and deflation factor.


4. Choose Asset Allocations

You need to now shortlist which investments have the best profit based on your research. Now it is always advisable to diversify your portfolio. This means that you must always allocate your asset in more than one investment strategy. This ensures you other backups even if your one strategy suffers loss. Also remember that not every strategy will suit your need, and therefore, it is not necessary to invest in every single strategy.


5. Implement the Plan

Now that you have shortlisted the strategies and have a full proof plan, you have to now implement it by allocating your money in each of the strategies wisely. This means that if you want to invest in three strategies such as real estate, mutual funds, and stocks; you can allocate 33.33 percent of your asset in each.  


6. Maintain the Plan

Now that you are ready to start investing, do not forget to stick to the plan. It is very easy to deviate to the plan. If you feel you will not be able to stick to it, you can always take the help of an investment advisor. It is worth paying their fees if you cannot maintain the plan yourself. also, as you keep growing financially, you might want to explore into other investments. This requires you to balance your asset appropriately.


These are some tips on how to become a do-it-yourself investor. Keep in mind that the fear of risk or loss in beginning to invest will not profit you a penny. Also, when you invest yourself; it’s more like a well-paid hobby, isn’t it?

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