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How to get 3-5% monthly profit on your investments How to get 3-5% monthly profit on your investments

The investments often make people think about the profits and sometimes the capital guaranteed investment gives us monthly gains to 3 -5% of the total you invest. And if we consider a capital guaranteed fund, it gives the outcome after a wait of 3-5 yrs and keeps a question in our mind that how to get 3% monthly profit, as the fund cannot be withdrawn within the maturity period but, we get a ‘guaranteed profit’ after the maturity period. The word “guarantee” is used here because it keeps our fund secure within the time period of maturity. Moreover, if we opt for typical short-term investment in banks, it is expected to profit us in several months or in one year where its maturity period is less. The short term never lets us wait for a decade as like in Long-term investment rather it gives a maturity value with 3-5% as profit to get the best return on investment. The investments are in the sense of individual stocks, property investment, property share, or we can say the savings itself in relation with banks. Even if the investment market is down, the firm or bank wherever you have invested will give the investment profits according to the terms at that time when you invested it- so it’s worth it!

Check returns with capital guaranteed

If you invest any amount by seeing the weekly ads about the stocks exchange in the stock market then the percentage gain may vary from time to time and that totally depends on the weekly percentage gains or loss. The capital guarantee gives us a ‘safe or risky’ asset i.e. safe – a promise in terms of profit and risky – when the investment market is down and we invest at that time. Let’s clear it with an example- an investment through bond explains the investor to return the original value with some percentage and by signing the bond, it assures “capital protection”, and the risky here is the participation of share partners, products or insurance and other assets, which deducts some percentage of money from your original investment before the maturity period starts. And here, we can calculate the high interest with low-risk investments. Suppose you invested $50,000, where you are getting $2000 as profit, but the chance of risk in the sharp moving share market is high. It could wipe all your interest when the market goes down and that’s only possible if you have invested the money at the market downtime. So, it is better to check the share market of banks before investing!

how to yield 3% month return

Is this investment a risky one?


In the last 50 years, the investment in order to gain monthly income has many cases and it’s around 250 instances where the payees’ investment amount drops by 3.2% from the original i.e. an average of 2.5 times per year excluding the current year. However, most of these losses have occurred in share markets where the bank is also a partner. Most of the time, some of the trades may raise the down market which eventually profits the trades as well to the share market where the bank is connected, but no such benefits for the investors. However, this situation can be skipped by reading the terms and conditions for the high interest with low-risk investments where it explains how to yield 3% monthly return and the procedure by which these interests are calculated. It covers Private banking, bank bond, and personalized banking.

how to get 3% monthly return

In the current situation, if the bank market drops much severely i.e. loss through a terrorist attack, cyber hack, etc. there can be nothing to do—the bank already insured themselves and your investments will be safe out without any deduction. So investments are now facing fewer setbacks.


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